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Focus on Speed; Cut Down On Plugins and Image Size

If you had to choose between ranking a web page because it loaded quickly versus one that implicitly matched the user’s need, which would you rank highest? OK, technically, that’s a trick question because both of those factors are involved […]

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More Ads Doesn’t Equal More Money

While it’s a common practice to run advertisements on your blog as a method of monetization, there is a limit. If, however, your blog has a disproportionately large amount of ads on each page, it can come across as intrusive […]

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Prioritize Relevant Content; Get To The Point

Let me tell you a story about why I love sourdough bread. It really goes back to my childhood days spent outside my family’s cottage, when my mother would leave a piping hot loaf of fresh, sourdough bread in the […]

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Don’t Focus On Broad, Short-Tail Keywords (too much)

Before we serve the meal, let’s first set the table. For context: Top Hat Rank published a food blogger study based on data and observations from a Google algorithm update identified among the industry in November of 2019. In the […]

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SEO For Bloggers 101: Recap of Episode One

Whether you are just getting started or an experienced publisher, chances are you have a handful of burning SEO questions. So we asked three of the leading SEO experts in the Food and Recipe Blogging niche to join us for […]

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Recap: 6 Months Since – November 2019 Google Update Study

In November of 2019, Google released an update to its algorithm that decimated a lot of food/recipe/lifestyle blogs. Some of the sites reported drops in organic traffic of up to 60%. Our SEO team decided to conduct a study of […]

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November 2019 Google Update; Food Blogger Study

In November of 2019, Google released an update to its algorithm. This update was very detrimental, site owners reported losses in organic traffic referrals of up to 60%. Since Google didn’t provide much detail as to which changes were made […]

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Which is Better for eCommerce SEO: Shopify or BigCommerce?

If you are building an eCommerce site, it’s important to pay attention to how your website is going to perform in SEO. Some e-commerce website platforms have a variety of impressive features, but if they don’t have built-in SEO features […]

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Our New VP of Operations is Cooler Than Yours!

We’ve teased this on facebook a few weeks back, now is the time to make this big news an official announcement. I’m super excited to share that Ashley Segura (Ward), has joined TopHatRank as our VP of Operations. About Ashley To […]

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Your Complete Guide to (Winning) The Knowledge Graph

WTF is The Knowledge Graph and Why Should My Business Care? Knowledge Graph is so much more than a clever little box full of facts which pops up on the right hand side of your Google Search when you want […]

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