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Bloggers and content creators trust TopHatRank to deliver sustainable and measurable SEO results by meticulously improving both on-site and off-site SEO signals. Our blogger clients enjoy:

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Our Services For Bloggers & Publishers

We understand how unique the monetization model is for publishers, and the affect organic traffic can have on a publisher’s bottom-line. We kept all of this in mind when developing our SEO products, each designed to address specific SEO needs: Publisher Technical & Forensic SEO Audit, and our extra awesome Blog Growth SEO Plan.

Publisher Technical and Forensic SEO Audit

Our technical SEO audits for bloggers are designed to conduct a complete inside-out “deep tissue” assessment and evaluation of your website. We audit everything from crawlability/accessibility problems, page speed and information architecture, to schema and topic issues.

  • Deliverable:
    A prioritized list of findings along with itemized tasking and specific instructions for implementation. And, our SEO Publishing Guidelines for you to keep.
  • Time:
    We ask for 30 days to deliver the completed audit and tasking. But keep in mind, we don’t know what’s happening under the hood of your website until we actually dig into it, so from time-to-time, we may need a few extra days.
  • Communication:
    When you work with us, you are assigned a dedicated SEO manager who is an actual, real-deal SEO with years of experience. They will be your guide through this entire process and will even get on the phone to review all of our findings, recommendations, tasking and answer all of your questions.
  • Waiting List?:
    These audits are very popular, we typically have a two-week queue. But, it does change from time-to-time, get in touch with us and will tell you.
  • Implementation:
    Not a developer? Don’t have a developer you already work with? That’s cool, we can help you with the technical implementation of all of our SEO recommendations.
  • Results AKA Realistic Expectations:
    SEO takes time, patience, and the willingness to implement all of our recommendations, follow our publishing guidelines, and the ability to stick to best practices. Those that do this regularly see measurable results over time. However, if you don’t implement and continue to make the same mistakes, you’re results will be lackluster.

Still unsure if this product will address your specific SEO needs? Get in touch with us!

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Managed Blog Growth SEO Plan

Let our years of experience in SEO help your blog achieve its full potential. This managed SEO product delivers both on-page and off-page SEO to target specific keywords and posts on your blog. It also includes a monthly crawl and analysis of your entire website, a full Google Analytics & Search Console review, keyword discovery, and custom SEO strategy.

This product is designed for publishers that are already somewhat established and are now in need of a more managed, aggressive, and better-focused SEO strategy.

  • Deliverables:
    Crawl and technical review of the entire website, Google Analytics and Search Console review for errors and anomalies, laser-focused on-page SEO recommendations, content marketing paired with outreach to other publications to deliver backlinks.
  • Time:
    This is an on-going, managed SEO product that’s billed on a monthly, recurring basis. Each month we will target a new set of pages on your website and optimize them for a new set of keywords.
  • Communication
    This product is managed by our Enterprise SEO team. That means you are assigned a dedicated a Senior SEO Lead to guide and manage your campaign. You have access to your Lead whenever you need them.
  • Waiting List?
    This product is managed by our Enterprise SEO team and we do not have a waiting list for this service.
  • Reporting:
    Your dedicated SEO Lead will provide you with access to our online reporting system. We also provide a detailed monthly report that we put together for you by hand covering everything that happened that month.
  • Results AKA Realistic Expectations:
    You will start seeing measurable improvements in your keyword rankings within the first two months of our services. But keep in mind, this product optimizes a whole new set of pages on your blog every month for a new set of keywords, this means that some rankings will improve faster than other.

This product is not for everyone. Get in touch with us, to see if you qualify.

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We’ve Been Exposing Bloggers To Readers Since 2009

Our years of experience as SEO experts have allowed us to refine our process to the point where we are so confident in our ability to deliver measurable results, that we offer our Publisher SEO services without contract or obligation! You have nothing to lose, request a quote today.

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Our Resources for Blogger and Publishers

You’ve met us at conferences, joined our webinars, read our articles, and even participated in our studies. And we are very grateful to you for trusting us with education and information for your community. Below are just a few of the FREE resources we’ve created for publishers:

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