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SEO Physical for Bloggers

An SEO Physical is a comprehensive website review. Our team will audit your entire website and deliver an SEO Roadmap tailored to your site’s unique needs.

  • Work smarter with an SEO Roadmap.
  • Prioritized, easy-to-follow SEO tasking.
  • List of content to update and keywords to target.
  • Quick delivery & email support.

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Arsen does a not-so-quick explainer of the SEO Physical audit and a deliverable walkthrough.

Healthy Growth Starts With An SEO Physical

Just like you, your website needs a thorough review to make sure nothing is slowing down your growth. This audit is perfect for blogs of all ages and sizes.

Broad and Comprehensive SEO Review

Take the guesswork out of your SEO process and organize around tasks that are specific to your SEO goals. This SEO physical touches every part of your website and delivers a comprehensive review with tasks, instructional videos, and an SEO roadmap for you to follow.

Technical SEO

Starting with a full crawl, our team will conduct a technical SEO review of your website, focusing on Google’s ability to discover, crawl, and index your content. Tasking will include actionable items and detailed instructions on implementing them. Our team will also deliver a video review of your Google Analytics (GA4) account, Google Search Console, and all associated tasks.

  • Technical SEO Crawl, Review, Tasking, and Data.
  • Google Analytics (GA4) Review, Video, Tasks.
  • Google Search Console Review, Video, Tasks.

Keywords, Content, Competitors

Going beyond technical SEO, our team will dive into competitive analysis to identify new keywords and topics you should cover moving forward. We will review all of the data associated with the content you’ve already published and provide you with a list of posts that should be prioritized for updating. This part of the audit helps you grow. We include instructional videos on using tools like Semrush and KeySearch to find better keyword opportunities for your content.

  • Prioritized list of keywords/topics to cover.
  • List of high volume, low difficulty keywords.
  • Competitor keyword gap analysis.
  • List of posts that should be prioritized for updating.

EEAT Review and SEO Roadmap

Regardless of where you are in your blogging journey, an actionable SEO roadmap will always give you an advantage over your competition. As a part of our SEO Physical, our team will review how your keywords have performed over time to create a six-month keyword target roadmap. We will also assess your website’s Expertise, Experience, Authoritativeness, and Trust (EEAT) signals and provide recommendations for improvement.

  • EEAT Review, Strategy.
  • Keyword Target Roadmap.
  • Actionable SEO Roadmap.

Better Rankings, Stronger Traffic, More Earnings!

Take the guesswork out of your SEO process. This SEO Physical examines every part of your website to deliver a comprehensive review with tasks, instructional videos, and an SEO Action Plan for you to follow.

  • Affordable SEO Audit

    $2,200 one-time-fee
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    No waitlist. Our team is ready to audit.
  • Measurable Improvements

    More traffic, more page views.

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