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SEO Audits and Consulting

  • SEO Audits and Consulting

    Whether you’re launching a new site or trying to breathe life back into an old one, we offer custom tailored SEO audits that arm you with the information you need to move forward.

    While the competition might be content to dip their toes into the shallow-end of your data, we prefer to swan-dive straight off the high board.

    We take a complete, 360° look at the challenges facing your website – from technical troubles to costly content gaps. We’ll help you move beyond the “what” and into the “why”, showing you where to focus your attention and how to invest most wisely to maximize your impact.

    SEO Audits and Consulting

Which SEO Audit Is Right For Me?

Our SEO audits are designed to diagnose and solve specific online challenges.

We also offer eCommerce SEO Audits


The good, the bad, and the downright hideous…when you need an unbiased look at the state of your search engine visibility, the “Deep Tissue” SEO audit is just what the doctor ordered.

Our deep tissue SEO audits analyze every facet of your primary website and any secondary web properties you have. We meticulously accounting for all of the technical, structural and content-related issues that are keeping your traffic and web leads from exploding like bright, shiny fireworks.

As we identify problems, we’ll create a comprehensive road-map for success. We take all of the information and put it in context, delivering insights free of fluff, jargon or fairy-dust. You’ll receive recommendations customized to your brand’s unique situation and grounded in the most current search engine and social marketing best practices


If your website is getting a facelift, moving domains or changing content management platforms, a slight oversight could mean the difference between continued success and TV Dinners for the next six months.

Our team of SEO experts will be your knights in flannel armor, easing the transition and protecting you from those pesky hiccups (or all-out catastrophes) that can hurt your visibility and snag your bottom line.

After analyzing your website’s content, infrastructure, management platform and design, we’ll provide a list of action items and important considerations as well as detailed instructions for managing the transition to avoid potential problems.

While every audit is custom-tailored to the client, typical considerations include:

  • Redirect & URL issues
  • Keyword mapping & content challenges
  • Website infrastructure
  • Crawl & coding errors
  • Change of address procedures


In SEO, there are four things to be feared: Penguins, Pandas, Penalties… and Polo Shirts (Matt Cutts’ fashion statement of choice). If your site was hit by an algorithm update or if you’ve suddenly found that you’ve dropped off the face of the search results planet, recovery audits can be the light at the end of the tunnel.

Recovery SEO audits are designed to investigate, isolate and address all of the major issues associated with drops in organic rankings and traffic.

Whether the cause is a mystery or you’re certain it was a manual penalty, recovery SEO audits get to the root of the problem and dig up the critical information you’ll need to get back on track. Our team will analyze on and off-page issues, conduct a crawl of your website, perform a backlink analysis and deliver an action plan for the future. When requested, we can also help you perform the clean-ups and reconsideration requests necessary to regain your positions and visibility in search.


Sun Tzu said it best: “Know your enemy.” For all those aspiring warlords, our competitive SEO audits are exactly what you need to flank your rivals in search results.

These SEO audits put your most successful competition under the microscope to determine how and why they’ve managed to succeed online. We carefully analyze all aspects of their SEO strategies, including:

  • Keyword targeting
  • Internal & external backlinks
  • Website infrastructure
  • Content creation & marketing
  • Social media presence
  • Traffic quality – including demographics

While Stevie Wonder was great behind a keyboard, we’re not big fans of blind decision making. Instead of just copying the competition, we pick and choose the best elements of your competitors’ strategies, avoiding any tactics that may be unsustainable or harmful.

We draw inspiration from their best ideas and trash the bad ones. The result is a highly actionable document that will serve as your handbook for kickin’ butt and takin’ names. Your competition should be afraid…be very afraid

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