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A managed coaching program for content creators developed by an Award-Winning SEO team.

  • Learn SEO Techniques That Actually Work
  • Work Smarter With An SEO Roadmap
  • Get Better Rankings, More Traffic, More Pageviews

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“Grace started with us about a year ago. Her results are directly attributed to her ability to execute everything she learned during our sessions. This program requires you to put in the time and effort. My job is to teach you, your job is to execute.”

~Arsen Rabinovich (SEO Coach)

Coaching Program At-A-Glance

Our program delivers ongoing coaching and SEO training for content creators who are just getting started with their blog or have been blogging and are not seeing results.
This program is split into two parts:

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I'm very proud of this program. Countless hours have been invested into isolating, refining, and perfecting SEO processes for bloggers that are laser-focused to show measurable and sustainable results. Make sure to read the reviews from our current subscribers. I look forward to working with you!

Arsen Rabinovich Founder @ TopHatRank

Here Are All The Details

Designed, developed, and directly led by Arsen Rabinovich and his SEO team, this program’s coaching and curriculum covers everything from Technical to On-Page SEO and includes everything from accountability to ongoing education.

Our Program’s First Month

Starting with a 1-hour one-on-one coaching call with Arsen, where you will learn new SEO processes and workflows, the first month of this program delivers a technical SEO review of your entire website, an SEO strategy, a roadmap, and tasks for you to execute on your blog.

Month Two And On

The ongoing component of this program will provide every aspect of SEO training a blogger will need in an organized and structured way. Accountability check-ins to make sure you’re executing your SEO roadmap properly, post reviews, SEO Skill Courses, monthly office hours, private community, and much more.

Learn & Grow With Our Exclusive Community

Never feel alone, frustrated, or stuck again.  Our private community is filled with bloggers just like you ready to provide a helping hand, encouragement, advice and support. The best way to stay consistent and motivated is to lower as many barriers as possible, our active community is here to help you get over all of your hurdles (not just the SEO ones).

“My coaching call with Arsen was invaluable. Arsen goes above, and beyond any expectations I previously had. After our first call, I walked away with tools and techniques for food bloggers that I didn’t even know existed. Since then, I’ve seen more growth in these past 3 months than I’ve seen since I started my food blog 5 years ago. He’s truly an expert in the field, staying up to date on all the ways bloggers like me can be successful in an ultra-competitive space! I can certainly say that my first coaching call with Arsen was the most pivotal moment of my blogging career thus far.”
Grace V.

“Working with Arsen has been absolutely eye-opening. I started my blog about 2 years ago and feel like I have been working blind until I met with Arsen. We have had 3 sessions together and in each meeting Arsen provided valuable information about the technical aspects of my blog that needed correction, as well as writing structure and research techniques to help me become more competitive in my niche. What I am most impressed with is how much Arsen really wants to help me succeed. He is very encouraging and very generous with his time and expertise. Since my first meeting with Arsen in March, when I began to put his suggestions in action, & I have seen 132% increase in traffic! Thank you Arsen! I am excited to see what comes next!”
Enza W.

“I have been blogging for around 2 years, and my organic traffic was not increasing. So I did the coaching call with Arsen in October 2021, at that time, my traffic was around 2k. On the call, he deeply analyzed my site and explained some improvements I can make. I started implementing all of Arsen’s recommendations, watched all of the SEO for Bloggers webinars, and took the Cooking with Keywords course. I also started doing competitor analysis using Chrome extensions and tools he recommended. And within a span of 4-5 months, my traffic increased to 23k. My pages now started to rank on the first page of Google & hopefully, they will keep growing. I really appreciate all the help I got from Arsen.”
Garima A.

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