TopHatRank Fully Managed SEO Services

Fully Managed SEO

Our done-for-you, fully managed SEO services allow you to focus on your brand while we focus on making sure your organic traffic is continuously growing.

When you work with TopHatRank, you get:

  • Services Without Contracts
  • Dedicated SEO Managers
  • SEO Work Done In The USA
  • Award-Winning Results

30-Minute Consult Whats Included

Managing SEO For Modern Brands Since 2009

For over ten years, we have been offering our fully managed SEO products on a month-to-month basis without contracts. We retain clients by delivering fast, measurable results, strong professional communication, attention to detail, and transparency.

Arsen Rabinovich Founder @ TopHatRank

Our Fully Managed SEO Service Includes

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions when it comes to SEO. When you work with us, you can count on custom, aggressive strategies and meticulous reporting. Have an online store? Check out our Managed eCommerce SEO Services.


Before we go any further, we should probably get to know each other. It’s our business to know your business, so we’ll listen carefully to what you have to say about your goals, challenges, processes, and audience.

When we’ve learned all there is to know about your brand and goals, we’ll dive into a “deep tissue” SEO audit of your website and industry to build a comprehensive SEO strategy that we’re confident we can deliver.


We identify the question marks surrounding your target market by discovering the ways they search for your product or service online. Our team of data nerds will pour over reams of potential targets to identify the most relevant (and lucrative!) phrases to target.

We will then align them with the different stages of your customer’s buying journey and selectively choose keywords based on user intent. The goal is to hone in on keywords that won’t just bring you traffic, but qualified leads ready and willing to throw their money at you.


Do your pages deserve to rank? Garbled copy, sloppy title tags, and ugly internal linking will turn Google away and old-school tactics like keyword stuffing will have visitors wondering if you’ve ever read a book in your life.

We’ll analyze, identify, and make recommendations about any on-page optimization issues we encounter to ensure your content is sending the right message to both search engines and customers alike.


“Great content” is the core of any successful SEO campaign, but writing content your audience actually wants to read is a lot harder than it sounds.

Our experienced team of writers will help you craft unique, conversion-focused content that will keep your customers from tuning out while also satisfying Google’s algorithms.


We help brands create and disperse content that gets their audience talking and establishes them as experts. Rather than chase buzzwords, we start by creating strategies that have two feet firmly planted in data and research. The links earned through content marketing help create “sticky” ranking positions, while the eyeballs earned through content sharing can quickly become lifelong customers.


If you’ve been jaded by shady SEO providers with questionable choices in stock photography, you’ll be happy to know that working with us means never dealing with a faceless SEO company again. All of our clients are assigned a friendly, 100% human Account Manager who is also an SEO with at least six years of experience and are given access to our 24/7 online reporting system.

You’ll be able to view ranking and traffic history, track progress and measure meaningful key performance indicators in real-time. It’s the ultimate in transparency and we pride ourselves in keeping you in the loop as your campaign progresses.

We love the fact that our clients know us on a first-name basis, and if you get lonely, we’ll never be more than a phone call or e-mail away.

Your Virtual "In-House" SEO Team

It’s time for your brand to have a dedicated SEO team to handle all of your SEO needs, creating and executing award-winning SEO strategies. Get in touch today to see if we are that SEO team, ready to take your brand to the next level!

  • No Contracts

    We work month-to-month.
  • Dedicated SEO Experts

    Guiding & managing your campaign.
  • Made in USA

    We're in CA, TX, and FL

30 Minute Consultation Request

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