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A Forensic Look at Google Analytics: Recap SEO For Bloggers Episode #21

Grab your detective glasses and get ready to diagnose your own traffic drops using Google Analytics. In this episode of SEO For Bloggers, we had a very special guest help walk us through the various data points and opportunities inside […]

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Roundups, Categories, and Taxonomies: Recap SEO For Bloggers Episode #20

What kind of roundups should you be participating in? Do you have a clear category structure or way too many categories for users to choose from? What the heck is a taxonomy? If you’re even slightly confused by these questions, […]

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SEO Content Strategy: Recap SEO For Bloggers Episode #19

In this episode, panelists shared how to develop a high-traffic driving content strategy. Check out the replay below to learn how to optimize your new content, update your current content, and create a game plan for the future of your […]

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New Year Site Audit: Recap SEO For Bloggers Episode #18

Do you know how well your content served your audience? Are you able to identify which pages on your site are your high-value pages (and which ones aren’t performing)? Unsure on all of the above? It’s time to conduct a […]

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Getting Started with Google Search Console; Recap SEO For Bloggers Episode #17

The valuable insights offered by Google Search Console enable publishers to see what’s working and what’s not. During this episode of SEO For Publishers, our panelists shared the many facets of GSC, such as the difference between security warnings vs. […]

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Benefits and Pitfalls of Using the Yoast SEO Plugin; Recap SEO For Bloggers Episode #16

Should I keep writing until Yoast gives me the green light? Do I have to write a minimum of 300 words to maximize my chance of appearing in the SERPs? Should I stick with my publish date, or should I […]

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Most Common WordPress Issues and Solutions; Recap SEO For Bloggers Episode #15

WordPress issues have become less complex over the years, but they can still confuse publishers who aren’t comfortable or used to dealing with technical issues. In addition, WordPress issues can make your site inaccessible to visitors and lead to a […]

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How To Perform Keyword Research; Recap SEO For Bloggers Episode #14

In order to provide the content that your audience is interested in, you need to have an idea of what it is they are searching for. During our 14th episode of SEO For Bloggers, our panelists broke down the basics […]

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Analyzing Drops In Traffic; Recap SEO For Bloggers Episode #13

Understanding why a drop in site traffic occurred is a crucial piece to the puzzle when trying to recover your lost traffic. During our latest episode of SEO For Publishers, the panel shared a ton of information and highlighted the […]

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A Year In Review; Recap SEO For Bloggers Episode #12

During our first annual SEO For Bloggers – Year In Review episode, the panel covered the top publisher optimization tips discussed over the past year. If you haven’t seen a single SEO For Publishers episode yet, or want the perfect recap […]

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