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We are a remote agency and are operating on all cylinders during COVID-19. If you or your business has been impacted and need SEO, content, or social media marketing assistance, please contact us. We are here and ready to help.

About Us - TopHatRank

About Us LLC.

Helping Businesses Grow Since 2009

Let’s be blunt: We are NOT your typical internet marketing firm. In fact, we consider it our mission to shake up the online marketing world with better thinking, greater transparency and stronger results.

Where other firms are still shamelessly sporting the tacky, outdated, unethical tactics of years past…we’re hanging ten on the front of the digital wave (and doing a few stunts for good measure).

But the biggest difference? We’re an agency that actually, legitimately cares about our clients. The reason we invest in the best technology, tactics and team members is all because of you. Our client retention rate is 97% – and frankly, we couldn’t be more proud.

What began as a small company offering local SEO services to our hometown of Los Angeles has grown into an unstoppable, nationally-recognized digital marketing agency in just a few short years.

We’re kicking butts, taking rankings and building social communities – and we’re only getting started.

We want to hear from you! Give us a call!


Our Organization

Great people, efficient processes, strong ethics and personal communication. These four pillars make up the foundation of everything TopHatRank does. We’re choosy about talent, meticulous about workflow, and all but obsessed about offering our clients the best and most affordable search and social marketing out of anyone else out there.

  • Search & Social Specialists

    Many heads are better than one. We have a team of amazing in-house Search and Social Marketing specialists who strategize, implement and monitor each one of our client’s customized internet marketing campaigns. When your great reports come in, these are the people popping the champagne corks.

  • Code, Content, Creative Developers

    Of course, specialists are nothing without their teams. Working with our search & social specialists, is our fulfillment team consisting of savvy web developers, brilliant content managers, busy writers and creative graphic designers who keep our clients looking and feeling classy.

  • Analysis and Reporting

    It’s all about results, baby! We benchmark, measure and report on every important performance indicator your business needs to gauge its return on investment. We drop tens of thousands of dollars a year on fancy tools and software (and we’ve even built some of our own) to make sure you know exactly how your site is performing.