TopHatRank Facebook Marketing Tips for Food Bloggers

Facebook Marketing Tips for Food Bloggers

Hey there food bloggers, thanks for stopping by! Here is an awesome checklist we’ve put together that will guide you through the steps of boosting your food blog with Facebook marketing.

Feel free to bookmark this page, we have also created a PDF version you can download here (if you want to print it). You can also view the full-size infographic here.


You’ve been crafting fantastic recipes and waxing lyrical about food for quite some time now. And while your passion comes across in every single character on the page, your food blog is behaving much like an under baked souffle. It’s not rising and expanding in the way that you had hoped.

It’s readership, while loyal, isn’t quite sharing or engaging with your content with the enthusiasm that you would have expected. 

You know that your content is good, you just need the right people to start accessing and sharing it on social platforms. Not just the people who’d get the most value out of your recipes and posts, but the people who will give you the kind of meaningful engagement that gets food blogs (and food bloggers) noticed within the niche. 

This is where Facebook marketing comes into play!

Facebook is a great space to engage readers and prospective readers alike. Keeping that in mind, let’s look at some potentially transformative tips on Facebook marketing for food bloggers.

Know Your Audience and Create Content Accordingly

The first step to effective marketing on any platform is knowing what your audience wants and tailoring your content according to their needs.

So, what kind of niche within a niche do you want to target? Vegans or vegetarians? People on keto or paleo diets? Lovers of a particular kind of ethnic cuisine? Define what your speciality and/or niche is and run your content around that niche. 

See what recipes and terms are trending using tools like the SEMrush Topic Research Tool and tailor each new posts accordingly.

Take the Legwork Out of Scheduling Posts

A key part of maintaining visibility on Facebook is not only posting regularly but posting the right content at the right time, to coincide with when your target audience is using Facebook. This is where a little research goes a long way.

Look into your Facebook Page Insights to see when the people who engage with your content the most are active. You can also look at competing food blogs and see if there are any particular times when they post their content. 

Next, establish a posting schedule so that posting can be automated and scheduled ahead of time based on those more engaged days and times. This can ensure that your posts achieve maximum impact when they hit Facebook.

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Tailor Your Content to Suit Reader’s Habits

Remember that when users engage with your blog posts via Facebook they’re more than likely using a mobile app and may even be posting on the go. This means tailoring your content to their needs and usage habits. 

Make sure that your posts look good on desktop, laptop and mobile device screens. Ensure that, like a well presented steak, it’s meaty and substantial and has a lot of the fat trimmed off it.

That means getting to the point and cutting out fluff while still ensuring lengthy posts. Posts around 1,000 words in length tend to get better engagement from readers.

Reciprocity… Food Blogging is a Two-Way Street!

When people engage with your blog by leaving a comment or sharing , it can be a useful metric that shows when and how users engage with your posts most often or most enthusiastically.

Still, your engagement should be a two way street. Make sure that you respond to comments in a timely manner (1-2 hours after posting where possible). This will not only help readers form a stronger connection to your blog, but will also help find other readers all over the platform.

Presentation is Everything!

With Facebook marketing, as in cooking, presentation is everything and the first bite is taken with the eye. Make sure that every post is accompanied by an engaging image or video and is captivating enough to encourage users to click on your post and read the recipe. Not only will this help your posts stand out on a user’s timeline, your images will help to ensure that your blog remains at the forefront of reader’s minds so that they engage with future posts more readily. 

Want more tips for your food blog? Check out our SEO Checklist For Food Bloggers Infographic.

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