ecommerce conversion rate optimization

Improve Your eCommerce Conversion Rates – 6 Changes You Can Make TODAY!

If you ain’t convertin’, you’re sunk. As any properly optimized eCommerce store knows, it’s all about the conversions. Even a single-percentage increase in conversions can add up to THOUSANDS in revenue.

But if you don’t take steps to make the … Read the rest

SEO Best Practices for eCommerce Websites

eCommerce SEO Best Practices; 4 Experts Weigh In

As an SEO agency specializing in eCommerce SEO, we are faced with some of the most common SEO issues an eCommerce site may have. Whether these problems present themselves during our SEO audits or potential clients ask us about them … Read the rest

Interview With Alan Bleiweiss

#EpicDinner, Future of SEO, #AssHattery: Interview with Alan Bleiweiss

If you’re in the SEO industry and don’t know who Alan Bleiweiss is, you must be living under a rock. Alan is one of the leading experts in Forensic SEO, he has worked with huge brands like PetCo, NBC Universal, … Read the rest

Boost Your Content Marketing with Native Advertising

Going Native: How to Boost Your Content Marketing with Native Advertising

If a tree falls in the forest, does it make a sound? This age-old philosophical puzzle is one which applies very neatly to a problem faced by many people currently pumping energy, resources and budget into a content marketing strategy. … Read the rest


How to Actually Check If Your Site is Mobile Friendly (and What To Do If It’s Not)

Oh No! Another Google Update! What Now?

In the SEO world, there seem to be a lot of metaphorical chickens running around with their heads cut off right now due to the impending mobile updates.

Impending updates, you ask? What, … Read the rest

WTF is Knowledge-Graph---Top-Hat-Rank

Your Complete Guide to (Winning) The Knowledge Graph

WTF is The Knowledge Graph and Why Should My Business Care?

Knowledge Graph is so much more than a clever little box full of facts which pops up on the right hand side of your Google Search when you want … Read the rest

One Year After The Penalty - Interview Ann Smarty

One Year After The Penalty, An Interview With Ann Smarty

Ann Smarty – One Year after the Penalty


March 19th marked one year since Ann Smarty’s top-ranked guest blogging website, MyBlogGuest, was hit hard by a Google penalty. I spoke with Ann, this week, about that event Read the rest

One Does Not Simply Sell SEO

Why You Should Stop Selling SEO!

I’ve been doing sales for a very long time. Before starting, I was a partner of a national insurance agency, we had licensed insurance agents selling term life insurance in all 50 states over the phone. YES, life insurance!… Read the rest

blog post seo infographic og

SEO Techniques For Blog Post Optimization (Infographic)

Neil Patel published an Ultimate SEO Checklist for blogging back in January that made us all jealous. I mean, who can top “Ultimate”?

So we decided to take all of his awesome blog post optimization techniques, sprinkle in some important … Read the rest

Welcoming new SEO Customers Aboard

6 Things Your New SEO Company Needs to Know When You Sign Up

So you’ve decided to engage an SEO company to help your website generate some awesome targeted traffic.

You’ve done your research, read the reviews and are ready to get the ball rolling. Most reputable SEO agencies will probably take you … Read the rest