TopHatRank Managed SEO Adding Users to Google Analytics Account – Sharing Analytics Account

Adding Users to Google Analytics Account – Sharing Analytics Account

How To Add Users to your Google AnalyticsWhen working with an SEO Consultant or an Internet Marketing Company, you will be at times asked to share your Google Analytics account by adding extra Analytics users to help us understand a few important things about the way your website is performing in Search Engines as well as the way the traffic to your website is behaving once it clicks through.

Google has made it very easy for people to share their analytics accounts with each other. However, sometimes it can be a bit confusing to an untrained eye. Below are the steps you need to take in order to share your Google Analytics account with someone else:

Step 1 – Log In to Google Analytics

To access your google analytics account you will have to navigate to Once you are there you will have to log in with the username and password that you set up your analytics with.

sign in to google analytics

Step 2 – Accessing the Admin Panel for the Correct Account

Once logged in, you will need to find the Admin dashboard to change user options. There is a button that takes you to the Admin dashboard in the top right part of the screen, under your e-mail address and account settings. Click on this button.

select admin

Step 3 – Selecting a Site That Needs to be Shared

Once you are in the admin dashboard, you will need to find the site that you need to share with the new user. Under “ACCOUNT” click on the drop-down menu and all your managed sites should appear, select the site you want to add a user for.

select your site in analytics



Step 4 – Choosing between ACCOUNT, PROPERTY, and VIEW level access

After you have selected the site that you would like to add a Google Analytics users for, you will have to decide what type of access to give them. This is important when multiple different websites are hosted under ONE account. You will notice 3 columns, each with a link for “USER MANAGEMENT”.

  1. Account Level – User will have access to all websites under this account, and can also manage a lot of the settings and configurations.
  2. Property Level – User has full access to a specific site under the given account.
  3. View (Profile) Level – User has limited view on reporting and data. This is generally for users or clients who need to view summary reports.

choose user level

Step 5 – Adding a User

After you have selected which level the new user should have access to, you will go ahead and click USER MANAGEMENT. Under “Add Permissions For” you will see a field for an email address. You will add the new user’s email address here.

add a user

Step 6 – Account Permissions

After you entered the new user’s email address, you will be promoted to what permissions that user will have. You will have 4 different options here, each of which constitutes how the user can interact with the account level they have been given access to. You can also choose to notify them by email after they’ve been added.

  1. Manage Users – User can manage other users (add, delete, modify, etc).
  2. Edit – Can perform report-related functions such as managing accounts, views, filters, goals, etc.
  3. Collaborate – Can create and share certain assets with other users, such as goals and annotations.
  4. Read & Analyze – Can see all configuration data and can manipulate reports data.

account permission

Raven’s Google Analytics Configuration Tool

Our friends over at Raven have a great tool to help you configure your Analytics. They offer everything from setting up basic features of your Analytics profile to configuring Goals and KPIs. I know we mention them a lot in our blog and that’s cause we love what these guys do and the tools they offer!


That is it! Simple and effective. Make sure you are aware of who is looking at your data, specially if you are giving someone Account Level access with high level permissions.

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