Welcome to TopHatRank’s Labs.

Here we will be organizing and publishing some of the tools that we build for our in-house SEO team.

All of our tools are always free =)

Pull 12 Months of Keyword Data by URL

(coming soon)

Use your API key to pull twelve months of keyword rankings for a list of URLs.

Bulk Related Keywords From a List

(coming soon)

Use your API key to get related keywords from a list of top-level terms.

WordPress – Fix Internal Redirects in Bulk

(coming soon)

This plugin will crawl through your database to look for links that return a 3XX status code. It will record all the redirects until it reaches its final destination page “200” and records that URL. This plugin will then go back and rewrite the actual link to point directly to the “200”

This tool is still being tested and does not (yet) work on links that are generated by plugins.

(In The Works) to Google Sheets

(coming soon)

Use your AnswerThePublic API key to pull data into Google Sheets.

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