TopHatRank Speaking Events Evening Bites and SEO Insights – Chicago

Evening Bites and SEO Insights – Chicago

We’re still excited about Evening Bites and SEO Insights in Chicago. It was a fantastic mix of learning, connecting, and just plain fun. Over 80 food bloggers from all over the world joined us, bringing a wide variety of experiences to the table.

There were so many people and brands involved in making this event happen, and we’d like to extend a big thank you to each one of them.

To begin, we’d like to give a major shoutout to our friends at Semrush for being such a fantastic sponsor. Semrush was kind enough to send hats and water flasks for everyone to take home.

But they didn’t stop there—they also threw in two 60-day trials of their amazing SEO toolset for a special raffle prize and two-week trials of Semrush’s Apps for Content Creators for everyone who attended.

We’re so grateful for their support in making the event that much more special.

We LOVE LOVE LOVE NerdPress for helping us expand the size of the event to accommodate more bloggers.

Hats off to you, NerdPress for your sponsorship and contribution during the Ask Us Anything panel!

And a final, but big, thank you to ContentYum for coming in with a brand-new presentation and contributing to our giveaway.

Ashley Segura from ContentYum gave a stellar presentation explaining the March 2024 Core Update and some helpful tips on how to make content helpful. 

Ashley Segura speaking into the microphone.

The panel talk that followed, featuring experts like Andrew Wilder (Nerdpress), Carolyn Shelby (Yoast), Kayle Larkin (Elevar), Ann Smarty (Smarty.Marketing), and Arsen Rabinovich, was a highlight of the evening.

They shared their knowledge on making websites shine, engaging audiences, and keeping up with the fast-paced world of SEO, answering over a dozen of attendee questions.


The best part of the event was the fun moments, like winning prizes for “It depends” answers during the Q&A. 

As the night went on, friendships were made, ideas were shared, and inspiration was in the air. Everyone left with their notebooks full of new ideas and friends to follow. 

Again, a huge shoutout to our speakers, sponsors, and attendees for making the night a hit. Your knowledge and enthusiasm played a huge part in the success of Evening Bites and SEO Insights in Chicago. 

Together, we’re fostering a culture of innovation and teamwork that will lead us through the twists and turns of digital marketing. Here’s to more great events in the future!

TopHatRank staff and Ashley standing next to the event board.

Melissa Rice

Client Success + Operations Manager @, residing in Los Angeles, California with a background in Graphic Design.

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