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Search engine optimization for eCommerce websites is our specialty. No matter what eCommerce platform you’re on, we’ve worked with it, we’ve ranked it and have learned a great deal along the way!

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We’ve Been Exposing eCommerce Brands to Online Consumers Since 2009.

Our years of experience as eCommerce SEO experts have allowed us to fine tune our process to the point where we are so confident in our ability to deliver measurable results, that we offer our eCommerce SEO service without contract or obligation! You have nothing to lose, request a free eCommerce Website Audit today.

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As of 2016, Almost 80% of the US Population Has Purchased a Product Online!


Proven Results

  • Magento Website
  • Beauty Space
  • Resolved over 1k technical SEO issues
  • Decreased Index Bloat (removal of useless content)
  • Resolved Duplicate Content Issues
  • Re-Focused Internal Links
  • Optimized Product Imagery and Titles

Our eCommerce SEO Strategy

Our unique eCommerce optimization process is broken down into two phases: SEO Audits, Consulting, Research AND Brand Building, Content Marketing, Conversion Rate Optimization. Each phase has its own unique key performance indicators (KPI) that allow us to fine tune your website and at the same time show you (our client) what’s working and what is not. So let’s dive into what each phase includes..

eCommerce SEO Audits, Research and Consulting (Phase 1)

Before getting into the actual marketing part of SEO, we need to make sure that your website is ready for it. This means that we will conduct a full technical SEO audit of your eCommerce website to identify and fix most if not all of the on-page SEO issues that can be preventing your site from reaching the top of page 1 in search engines.

Our Technical eCommerce Audits are designed to evaluate and fix the following:

  • Visibility Issues:

    Page Errors, Redirects, Pages Blocked by Robots.txt, Malware

  • Meta Issues:

    Missing or Duplicate Page Titles and Descriptions

  • Content Issues:

    Thin or Duplicate Content, Canonicalization, Topical Focus Issues

  • Link Issues:

    Broken links, missing anchors and ALT texts, improper use of nofollow tags.

  • Image Issues:

    Broken images, missing title and alt text.

  • Semantic Issues:

    Missing, duplicated headers, microdata implementation.

eCommerce Marketing Research (Phase 1 Continued)

The eCommerce Marketing Research helps identify who your target audiences are and what they search for when looking for your products online.

  • Target Audiences:

    Research and analysis of target demographics

  • Intent of Search:

    Analysis of demographically targeted intent of search and decision-making process

  • Keyword Research:

    Keyword planning, analysis and identifying best keywords to target per page

  • Content Ideation:

    Social listening and competitive analysis for content topics

  • Conversion Rates:

    Historic data analysis, implementation of best practices, identify fears, uncertainties and doubts (FUDs) to assist with conversions

eCommerce Brand Building, Content Marketing, Conversion Rate Optimization (Phase 2 – Ongoing)

This part of our eCommerce optimization process is designed to increase your website’s overall authority which aids in achieving higher rankings for relevant keywords and thus driving targeted traffic to your website.

Once your website is fully optimized (on-page SEO) and is compliant with eCommerce SEO best practices, it is ready for marketing. On a monthly basis our team of eCommerce experts will work on the following deliverables with the ultimate goal of increasing rankings and driving referrals to your site:

  • Content Development:

    Category and brand level page content rewrites, product page content curation and development. As well as content for your blog, which includes in-depth articles, infographics, influencer interviews and educational (how-to) articles.

  • Brand Building:

    Manual and targeted outreach to bloggers, writers, webmasters and journalists to generate powerful backlinks in the form of brand mentions and featured articles.

  • Establishing Expertise:

    Contributing content and answering questions on “How-To” websites like Instructables.

  • Social Shopping:

    Submission of products to social eCommerce websites like Polyvore and Fancy.

  • Third Party Validation:

    Generating real product reviews on third party review websites.

  • Content Marketing:

    Utilizing native and social advertising platforms to amplify winning content pieces from your blog (infographics, articles, interviews) to drive targeted traffic to your website.

  • eCommerce Conversion Rate Optimization:

    Weekly monitoring and recommendations based on best practices, A/B testing, data collected from Google Analytics and other tools.

  • eCommerce Conversion Tracking:

    Implementation, monitoring, and reporting.

  • Ongoing Technical Audits:

    Checking for errors, broken links, duplicate content and all other on-page ranking factors.

  • Google Search Console Monitoring:

    Checking crawls, errors, impressions, CTRs, backlinks.

  • Keyword Rank Monitoring

    24/7 online access to our reporting system.

About 71% of online consumers shop online to get a better deal. As Your eCommerce SEO Company

Let’s face it; the SEO game has changed drastically. Gone are the days where all it took was a few lines of poorly written content and some backlinks to rank. Stop wasting your time and money on outdated SEO techniques and partner with a company that understands the eCommerce marketing landscape.

TopHatRank Google Partner

No ContractsWe Work Month-To-Month

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