Social Community Building

  • Social Media Outreach

    Be it Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest or any of the other myriad of emerging social platforms, an active social community can become one of the most powerful assets your brand has.

    Less like a megaphone (stop shouting at people to buy from you!) and more like a telephone, TopHatRank can help your brand leverage social channels to engage, entertain and delight a growing audience of targeted customers.

    Together, we can start conversations, build brand awareness, generate interest, foster brand loyalty and build that coveted community.

Building a Targeted, Engaged Social Community

Facebook Page Likes, Twitter Follows … these are just byproducts of engagement. Stop chasing likes, start building communities!

  • Defining Your Market

    Nothing good ever came of “wingin’ it.” Don’t just start talking – go into the conversation prepared to wow your audience.

    We’ll work with you to identify and evaluate the personas of your target market, helping you understand their needs and get into their heads. From demographic data to psychographic information, we’ll pool all available resources to get a clear picture of who your best customers are and how to segment them.

  • Content Testing and Measurement

    Before you start doing wheelies in the parking lot, it’s best to test out the training wheels. Social media acts as a testing ground for your content. Once we’ve identified who needs to be reached, we’ll work with you to create and promote content through multiple channels, monitoring the response and gauging the success of our strategy.

    These points are then carefully recorded and extrapolated on to make sure that we are hitting the right markets with the right messaging, giving you the chance to refine your approach.

  • Content Strategy & Development

    Using the insights gleaned from testing, our team of social media managers and content developers come together with you to create compelling, original content that falls into one of three buckets: Educational, recreational and promotional.

    We map this content to the buying cycle, working with you to send messages that push leads further along and closer to a sale. Along the way, we’ll continue testing and refining to make sure the audience stays tuned in.

  • Posting and Engaging

    Pushing “publish” and hoping for the best is a bit like buying a lottery ticket… to a lottery that happened 6 months ago. Instead of relying on golden horseshoes and four-leaf clovers, we monitor multiple social media channels to understand when your market will be most receptive and active online, as well as which content should be released and when.

    Our social media managers keep their ears to the ground and their typing fingers at the ready, evaluating the response to the content and counting up comments, shares, likes, tweets, traffic and other relevant performance metrics to get a sense for what’s working – and what isn’t.

    As the audience engages, we help you respond in timely, genuine and meaningful ways to build long-term relationships.


    As any rebellious teen will tell you, if you want to really get attention then you’ve got to crank up the volume.

    To keep the momentum going, our social media team will review the data collected during the analysis phase and conduct targeted outreach with the goal of establishing positive relationships with publishers, bloggers, community administrators and the social influencers that matter to your market.


    No matter how great your business is (and we both know it’s pretty great!), not all of your customers will be happy ones. Thanks to the incredible reach and speed of social media, customers both thrilled and angry now have a hyper-powerful platform to spread their opinions.

    Thankfully, social media monitoring allows you to keep your finger on the pulse of customer feedback – both direct and indirect.

    Using state-of-the-art listening tools, we’re able to monitor the conversations happening around the web and bring this feedback to you as quickly as it is discovered. You’re empowered to respond and join the conversation, whether that means sending a “Thank you!” or doing some damage control.

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