TopHatRank Blog What is and How Do I Use It for My Small Business?
    TopHatRank Blog What is and How Do I Use It for My Small Business?

What is and How Do I Use It for My Small Business?

Pinterest - Curate the Internet was started in March 2010 and by August 2011 Time Magazine named it one of the top 50 best websites. A few short months later the Pinterest site, owned by Cold Brew Inc. was named one of the top 10 social networks with over 11 million visits per week.

There are two ways to receive an account, through visiting the website or asking a friend that has an account to send you an invitation. The next step is installing a “pin it button” on to your task bar, this allows you to pin anything of interest to a board. Another option is to copy and paste pictures from your favorite websites on to your board.

The biggest question, “What is and how do I use it for my Business?

This website, which was started in 2010 has over 11 million visits a week and can be linked with facebook or twitter and broadens the spectrum of your visibility. The difference between Pinterest and facebook is Pinterest allows other people to view your board not just your friends. The opportunity to enhance your business is phenomenal, if the staff determines your board interesting it will be added to the home page. This opportunity will assist in showcasing what your business has to offer.[/av_two_third]

Americanapparel Pinterest

Organizing a board on Pinterest exposes your Pins to millions of people who may be interested in what your business has to offer. Keep In Mind – Pinterest does not like it when all of your pins are aimed to promoting your business, so make sure to have some with it! The neater your pinboard the better and Pinterest will allow you to have as many boards as you want.

repin all the pinsThe repining feature lets other people pin your picture to their board, some do this to save an image for future review other do this as a method of sharing and further promoting your pin.

In conclusion – Pinterest is the newest up and coming social website that provides a fantastic opportunity to showcase and share your business. Your pin board allows people a glimpse into your brand and what your brand has to offer (product). The ability for additional people besides your friends to view the board can create a multitude of exceptional opportunities for your business to grow and thrive.

Do you have Pinterest Account? Share it with us via our comments! Need an Invite? Let us know!

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