TopHatRank Blog TopHatRank is Speaking at Pubcon Pro Las Vegas 2018

TopHatRank is Speaking at Pubcon Pro Las Vegas 2018

For many years, Pubcon Las Vegas has been one of the top marketing conference events of the year. Speakers from all around come to share their knowledge and learn from one another for 4 days at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Brett Tabke, the founder of Pubcon, announced that this year’s event would be one day shorter and have fewer speakers than previously. This would be called Pubcon Pro Las Vegas.

This year, we are happy to announce that two members of our team will be speaking this year at Pubcon Pro Las Vegas 2018. Both Arsen Rabinovich, our founder, and Jesse McDonald, our Director of Operation, will be speaking on various components of SEO in their sessions. Our team is not only looking forward to presenting at the conference but also learning from some of the brightest minds in the industry.

Site Diagnostics

Arsen will be presenting with Trish Carey and Erin Robbins on Site Diagnostics. This session will cover a wide gamut of issues one might encounter in an SEO campaign including index bloat, canonicalization issues, topic focus dilution, and poor silo architecture. During the session, attendees will learn how to identify these issues and diagnose the problems they are causing, how to create a strategy for fixing these issues, and the tools available to perform these tasks. Click here to learn more about this session.

Local Link Building

Jesse will be presenting a session with Marie Haynes focused on link building for local campaigns. In this session, attendees can expect to learn more about the process for obtaining good links, how to monitor links and perform link audits/clean up as needed, how to use the new Google Penguin algorithm to their advantage, and examples of what a good link looks like for a local campaign. Click here to learn more about this session

Pubcon promotion for the 2018 local link building session

Local Search Site Review Panel

During the conference, there are several site review panels that focus on different areas of digital marketing. This year, Jesse will be participating in the local search site review panel alongside Greg Gifford, Joy Hawkins, Carrie Hill, and Jason Brown. Attendees of this session will submit their sites to be reviewed by the panel for potential issues and advice on their current strategies. Click here to learn more about this session

Come and See us at Pubcon

If you are planning on attending the conference, definitely make sure you come to Arsen and Jesse’s sessions. We both enjoy meeting and chatting with fellow digital marketers so if you see us at the conference come up to say hey. We both live Tweet actively during conferences. You can follow us at:
Arsen – @TopHatArsen
Jesse – @jesseseogeek
TopHatRank – @TopHatRank

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