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Social Media Monitoring For Your Brand or Name

Knowing what is being published online specially in the social media space about your brand or your name is very important. It is safe to say that a big portion of your customers/clients use or belong to some sort of online social network.

If you are concerned about preserving your brand or your name it is imperative to monitor the social space for anything negative. But with so many social networks out there, how does one monitor everything?

There are many services out there that allow you to monitor the social space, some of these platforms are user friendly and free, some are not so friendly and cost money. So here is the list of some of the most popular ones and a few that we use on daily basis as a part of our Reputation Management Services.


TweetDeckTweetDeck allows you to set up multiple social media channels on one screen that consistently monitor keywords that you need monitored. Think of it as your personal browser for staying up to date with what’s happing in the social space.


HootSuiteHootSuite is a social media dashboard that has grown to be very popular in the last year. We personally and professionally use this service and love it!HootSuite allows you to setup columns with multiple social profiles and will monitor each social space based on your keywords.


MyWeboo MyWeboo was established in 2009 and launched in June of 2010. This platform allows you to monitor multiple social portals. From Facebook to Twitter and from Yahoo News to CNN, this tool will help you stay on top of news, videos, photos, and social network conversations pertaining to your brand

Google Alerts

Google AlertsGoogle Alerts is a free service from the folks at Google. This service allows you to setup a list of keywords that you want to monitor, Google will then monitor these keywords as they appear on the web and will notify you by email when it catches anything. You can set how often you want these emails sent and which email address to send it to. [highlight]We use this tool to monitor our Public Relations customer’s brands.[/highlight]


SocialMention – Ohh how we love this tool, think Google Alerts but for social media! This service lets you aggregate content that is streaming through Social Media sites into a single and very detailed page. SocialMention also allows you to setup daily email alerts for your brand.


Addict-O-MaticAddict-O-Matic lets you “inhale the web” by creating a page with results from searching websites, blog posts, videos and images for the latest buzz on any subject. It is addicting, we tried it, liked it and then had to take some time to come off of it!

Want to add some more social media monitoring platforms to this list? Just drop us a line in the comments section below!

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