TopHatRank Blog How to Increase Website Visitors Using Content Marketing
    TopHatRank Blog How to Increase Website Visitors Using Content Marketing

How to Increase Website Visitors Using Content Marketing

In an increasingly digital world, it has become imperative to have a strong online presence and constant website visitors. However, it can be tough to compete with industry leaders who seem to have a bottomless marketing budget.

How can you increase your website visitors with little to no money? How can you use content to help with this? 

Well, luckily… there are several ways you can explode your website traffic on any size budget. Whether you are operating solely on manpower or have a little bit of cash to spend, it is possible to grow your traffic thanks to adding content to your SEO strategy.

SEO may be time-consuming, but in digital marketing, it’s essential. Google made 3,234 updates in 2018. That’s 3,234 updates that could impact your presence in the SERPs. While most changes are minor, you just never know. 

You need to battle the algorithm and the growing competition by staying on top of your SEO and content marketing.

Let’s explore a few ways you can use content marketing to grow your website visitors. 

1. Increase Traffic by Sharing Your Content

You could create the best content in the world, but if you aren’t actively putting it out there for your current and potential consumers to see, you will miss out on boatloads of traffic. 

Each time you create a new post or publish a new product, promote it! Share it in an email newsletter and on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram using graphics customized for each platform and a clear CTA.

Remember, each network has a different audience that consumes content differently. So, don’t just hit share and publish a generalized promotion that won’t service your website visitors and followers well. Use the right image dimensions and message, research the best days and times to publish based on the platform, and don’t be spammy!

Cross promoting on social media has the potential to grow your traffic astronomically. All it takes is one highly active user to share your post, and you could end up in front of thousands of new people. It’s a no brainer.

Not only should you regularly share your content on social platforms, but you should also assert yourself as a go-to resource in your niche by engaging with your peers, sharing other websites’ content, and participating in industry conversations. The greater your presence, the more likely you will be to gain traffic.

2. Create Lots of Relevant, Valuable Content

It should go without saying, but in case it doesn’t, we will remind you…

Value is not dead, and it never will be.

You NEED to create high-quality, relevant content. Don’t just publish a piece telling your readers, “you need to buy this because it changed my life.” Instead, “you need to buy this because it changed my life. Here is exactly how you can benefit from it too…”

If you can’t demonstrate “the why,” why should they listen to you? 

Great content that drives traffic should do the following:

  • Answer questions
  • Cover a lot of bases of a topic
  • Be informative AND entertaining
  • Link to high authority resource
  • Link to more relevant information on your own website and other sites. 

The more value you can offer, the more seriously you will be taken and the more users will head to your website to find answers to their searches.  

3. Produce Content for Another Website

This may sound counterintuitive, but providing guest content for another website is a great way to increase traffic on your own site, as long as that website links back to yours. 

Guest posting creates credibility and back-links, so you’re basically getting double the benefits. For one, consumers will trust you more – if a site they are familiar with is happy to publish your content, you must be good.

And two, Google loves it some back-links. The more satisfied Google is, the more it will view your website favorably, even though the content isn’t even on your site!

In short, your presence should go beyond just your own website.

4. Internal Linking

Traffic isn’t just about the number of new users you attain; it’s also about how long they stay on your website and how much they click around. If your site is very niche, it should be super easy to get your website visitors to click to related articles.

If you’ve curated your content well, you should be able to encourage them to read on or indulge in your products even further by clicking around your website.

For example, if you’ve created a taco recipe and you happen to have another recipe for making the perfect homemade tortillas, you’ve got the perfect internal linking opportunity.

If you write about monetizing a blog and happen to sell an online course or eBook that complements this practice, you can totally maximize this opportunity by linking to a product or landing page.

Make those people STAY.

The more you link around internally, the more your average site visit duration will increase, and the more you will prove yourself in your industry.

5. Give Old Content a Fresh Face Lift

Have some posts that are dying a slow death? Check them frequently to make sure they aren’t outdated. We often write when a topic is hot, but that topic may not have long-lasting relevance.

If your content isn’t evergreen, it may eventually fizzle out and bring you negligible traffic. 

The best way to breathe some life back into your content is to update the information to ensure its relevance and eliminate information that no longer applies.

One hour of your time can bring a significant increase in your website visitors!

6. Repurpose Your Posts

Have you ever written a blog post that ended up being WAY longer than you anticipated? Have you ever started focusing on one topic but then suddenly written a 5-paragraph essay on another relevant point and wondered how you got there? Split that content up! 

Repurposing content to create more content will get you more traffic. They say quality over quantity, but quantity still matters!

There are several great ways you can repurpose content:

  • Split it up into several related (but high quality) blog posts
  • Create an infographic based on your steps and tips
  • Transform your blog into newsletter form and email it to your subscribers
  • Turn it into video form, upload it to YouTube, and share the video across platforms
  • Create shareable images such as pins for Pinterest that link to the post

The life of your content creation process doesn’t end once you hit publish.

7. Place Display Advertisements to Promote Your Content

Don’t be frightened! Pay-Per-Click does NOT have to be scary or intimidating.

While it can take some time to bring your cost per click down to something that works for your budget, display advertising can be highly beneficial for your bottom line.

You know what they say… you have to spend money to make money. And while we have presented you with several free ways to increase your traffic, display advertising grants you something that you can’t really get with organic efforts… control.

When you place an advertisement in Google Ads, for example, you get to watch exactly where your marketing spend is going and how quickly. You get to tailor your targeted demographics, refine your parameters, pause your spend, increase your budget, edit your verbiage, change out your images… whatever you want!

Whether your marketing budget is huge or very limited… you get to control who sees your advertisements, what they see, and how long they see it. You also get a clear indication of what works and what doesn’t rather than guessing.

If you are looking to increase your website visitors but have a small budget, start by implementing these content marketing strategies. There are countless ways to grow your online presence with any size budget; it’s just a matter of being relevant and offering content and products of value!

Kelsey Hodges

Kelsey is an SEO Analyst with TopHatRank and analytics guru. She lives in Austin, Texas with her three rescue animals.

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