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Acxiom Data – Optimizing for Apple Maps Part 2

This is an awesome freakin’ article written in response to our last blog post on Apple Maps. If you have any questions or want to chat, feel free to leave a comment or tweet me @TopHatHannah and I’ll try to answer any of your questions the best that I can. It’s ok, I don’t bite. :)”
— Hannah Monroe

Ever since Apple Maps was revealed, the SEO community has been talking all about how to make sure your business is optimized for it – even us! In short, we’ve said that there are a few main things you need to do:

  1. Confirm that all of the main data providers have the exact same, correct NAP (Name, Address, and Phone number) for your business. These providers include Localeze, Acxiom, and InfoUSA.
  2. Monitor your Yelp listing – make sure that everything in your listing is correct, and do everything in your power (besides bribing, of course!) to get more great reviews.
  3. Make sure your business shows up correctly in TomTom/TeleAtlas maps. Even if you optimize your listing correctly and a customer finds and chooses your business, you’re out of luck if it’s shown incorrectly on the map.


This is all awesome and great information, right? Well not if you don’t have a way to implement it! On our last blog, one of our readers pointed out that everyone was suggesting pretty much the same stuff, and although Yelp and Localeze are pretty easy to figure out, nobody was detailing how to make sure your business information is correct on Acxiom and Tom Tom.

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First, let me start by saying – this wasn’t easy to find out! There are no “check my listing on Acxiom” or “confirm my location with Tom Tom” buttons. I did find the $50 subscription to update Acxiom listings that he mentioned (which actually is affiliated with Acxiom, not just a third-party service) – but I had to dig a little deeper than that. It just didn’t make sense that Acxiom and Tom Tom wouldn’t provide a way to locate and correct business data!

Don’t they want the most updated information possible – and wouldn’t it be great if business owners were willing to donate their time for free to give it to them?!

To explain all of this would make a really long boring post, so today we’re just going to cover the Acxiom side of things. Not to mention I haven’t gotten a full answer from Tom Tom yet. 😉

How to Claim and Update Acxiom Listings

I spent quite a bit of time digging around, and when I still couldn’t find a good enough answer, I took advantage of their live chat feature, probably much to the dismay of the nice person on the other end.

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Basically, the only option to update your listing directly with Acxiom is through their service called “My Business Listing Manager,” found here. Yes, this costs $50 for a one year subscription. Yes, that seems ridiculous for a company that boasts the accuracy of its database – wouldn’t they want to make it easy for you to help improve their database by correcting your business information? Of course not! Here is the word-for-word explanation of their subscription from the nice man I chatted with:

“The $50.00 subscription includes:
The ability to correct and add additional features to your business listing that will be redistributed to: Over 80 companies in the Internet Yellow Page and Local search marketplace, Directly to the largest search engines—Google, Yahoo, Bing, Over 250 distribution partner through online private labeled solutions. If you do not want to subscribe to the above services, you may claim, activate and remove your business listing from our database at no charge.”

Here was my (probably annoying) response:

“Why is there a charge for it? Wouldn’t you guys want to make sure your data is correct anyways? It seems strange to charge people for something that kindof does your company a favor.”

Their reasoning? Because it’s redistributed:

“As stated above the charge is not simply so that you can correct information it allows you to take part in the redistribution as well. To note if you do not want to subscribe to the above services, you may claim, activate and remove your business listing from our database at no charge.”


“If you correct your listing with the local tele-comm company then if we buy new data, it could refresh with up-to-date and correct information … after you delete it.”

So, after asking a few more questions, I confirmed that you can effectively update your business information with Acxiom by updating it with your local tele-comm companies.

“Hannah: Ok. So another option to make sure that my business listing is correct in Acxiom’s database (at least eventually) is to make sure that it is correct with local tele-comm companies? (at least if I don’t want to pay the $50)
Sean: Yes. Make sure it is correct with them and then delete the listing with us.”

Unfortunately, my chat buddy wasn’t able to supply me with a list of which tele-comm companies. He wasn’t able to confirm a specific time-frame for updates, either, though he did say that “I know there are certain parts of Acxiom that update databases monthly, weekly, daily and quarterly.”

The lesson here, then, is that if you don’t want to pay the $50 subscription fee for Acxiom to directly update, enhance, and redistribute your listing (which takes “At least 30 days from the date you update it.”), to just make sure your business is listed correctly among your local tele-comm providers.

Eventually, Acxiom will pick this up and everything will be handy dandy again. The only question is how long are you (or your business) willing to wait, in the case that you do have incorrect information?

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