What is Tumblr & Why Musicians Love It

What is Tumblr?

What is TumblrTumblr is a social networking and micro-blogging website where, once a person has set up an account with their own personally-designated url, they can follow their friends’ blogs, and/or browse popular tags or the recommended blogs section to find new blogs to follow. Among the millions of users, many bands are now joining Tumblr to connect with their music fan bases and form a larger networking circle.

Once a person has found new, interesting blogs to follow, a whole assortment of experiences can begin: the viewing of beautiful art posts, intellectual quotes and debates, viral videos. A person could discover (or rediscover!) a new musician, or a new artist. Tumblr is a place for people to come together through their interests and beliefs, and a place for people to learn more about the things they already know and appreciate, expand their knowledge about new hobbies and interests, and a place to make new friends. So, it is a way for musicians to find new listeners!

Getting Started with Tumblr

Getting Started with Tumblr

During the creation process – in which a valid e-mail, password and personalized url are among the only few requirements – a person can choose to leave their blog open to the public, or to lock it with a password, so that only themselves and their chosen few have access to what’s on their blog.

Creating a Tumblr is a free, quick and simple process, and once a person has signed up, they can immediately begin to post or “reblog” photos, text posts, audio posts, video posts, chat sessions, quotes, external links, and more from the blogs they’re following. These posts show up on the Tumblr dashboard – the page Tumblr defaults to once you’ve logged in.

Once a main blog has been created, a person can even create sub-blogs, which can also be public or password-locked. These sub-blogs have separate URLs and followers, and receive messages separately from the inbox of the main blog. These sub-blogs can have completely different themes from the main one, and are a great way to compartmentalize the different aspects to a personality – by separating the types of things a person posts by blog or sub-blog.

After creating these blogs, a person can customize them further with themes created by other users, or for the more HTML-savvy users, creating their own Tumblr theme to use. A person can create an about page and look through the archives of their own blog, or someone else’s blog(s), to scroll through weeks and months and even years of posts without the hassle of going through pages.

Not only is Tumblr visually and mentally appealing in the gorgeous photos and words posted, but it is also intellectually appealing; there are many political and news blogs to keep people updated on political trends and what’s happening around the world and in governments in all countries.


To Tumbl, clearly! Tumblr is a wonderful way for musicians to connect to their listeners. Musicians can and do utilize Tumbl to build and expand their listening audience. A fan can learn many musician facts, keep up to date on the newest developments in of a tour, and socially connect with their favorite musical group. Tumblr combines the connectivity of social networking with the experience of blogging, something that cannot be found on almost any other website. Musicians should definitely utilize Tumblr if they want to increase their online presence.

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