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Online Promotion & Social Media Marketing for Music, Artists, and Bands LLC, an internet marketing company specializing in search engine optimization, is teaming up with FollowUsFwd a social media marketing and outreach company specializing in music promotion, to create – a one of a kind online music promotion company focusing on social media marketing for bands and musical artists.

Learn More about TopHatMusicMarketingThis union occurred due to the large number of requests from musicians looking for help in promoting their music online, gaining publicity for their music and building up a [highlight]fan base consisting of real people via Twitter and Youtube Promotion[/highlight]. The world of social media is vast and can often be very overwhelming when looking at the amount of time and effort that goes into online music promotion and social media marketing for musicians. If artists were to take on this task themselves and do it properly, they wouldn’t have time to make music anymore! [highlight]Utilizing the strengths of both companies, is the first and only online music promotion company that provides specialized social media outreach for bands, artists, and labels.[/highlight]

The Process of Musician and Song Promotion

TopHatMusicMarketing analyzes each artist’s style and genre and then examines the artists that are currently doing well and have fans within this genre. Through detailed market research, TopHatMusicMarketing determines who to target in this market – who to follow, how often to reach out to them, and when to unfollow them – thus exposing this already existing fan base to the music of this “new” artist. The result is thousands of real fans, followers, and subscribers for the “new” artist. These are not dummy twitter followers or fake youtube views. [highlight]These are real people who become real fans of the new artist and will socially spread their music to their current friends and followers.[/highlight]

There have been major changes in the music industry over the past few years. Previously, if an artist was talented enough, a label may have been interested in putting in the time to develop them. Nowadays, labels want what is already there and developed. They are looking for artists who already have a large fan base and are buzzing socially. Logically, this makes a lot of sense – why put in the time and money to develop an artist that the public may or may not like when there is another artist who already has thousands of Real Twitter Followers and Youtube Subscribers who love them and would purchase their music? If an artist is buzzing socially, the label and industry taste makers will come to them – just look at what happened with Justin Bieber.

Creating Social Buzz for Bands and Musical Artists

Musicians know that with the state of the current music industry, it is vitally important to have a social following of fans who will help to spread their music, however most musicians don’t know how to go about creating that following for themselves – and they’ shouldn’t have to! TopHatMusicMarketing handles the marketing and lets the artist handles the music. TopHatMusicMarketing offers the guarantee of making thousands of potentially new fans aware of an artist’s music. What separates TopHatMusicMarketing from other online music promotion companies, is that the outreach is targeted to people who have shown an interest in the artist’s type of music and have historically expressed positive sentiment about a specific genre and style. This process creates a much higher conversion and retention rates as the artist’s new fan-base is highly targeted and extremely passionate about the artist’s style and genre.

This is revolutionary in the world of musician promotion and a great opportunity for emerging artists to get publicity for their music and themselves. There is no other online music promotion service that can offer targeted guaranteed results like TopHatMusic.

The fans are out there. They just don’t know about you yet and TopHatMusicMarketing can change that.

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  1. maria jose
    maria jose says:

    There are various marketing strategies for promoting music but social networking sites are most utilized one since it is the fastest way of spreading music all over the world.This article mention unique ways for the successful music promotion.

  2. Máxel
    Máxel says:

    Has anyone heard of ?
    Heard it has really nice ideas for indie artists. Someone said it might be replacing MTV or similar!! =O

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