Google Social Search and Your Business

In 2009 Google launched its Social Search feature. This feature allows you to see relevant content published by people who you are connected to through social networks. This includes people you are connected to via Twitter, Google Buzz, Gmail contacts, Flickr friends, Google Reader and so on.

Google assumes that content published by your friends is more relevant and meaningful to you over content published by a random person and/or company. In the last few weeks Google hasmade some wonderful updates to the way it serves up these results.

So if you are searching Google while logged into your Google Account, the listings on the search results page will be “highlighted” to point out results from your social connections. This means that people who you are directly connected to (friends) and your connection’s connections (friends of friends) will be able to see your content and you will see theirs.

Here is what my SERP (Search Engine Results Page) looks like when I search for “Los Angele Internet Markerting”: los angeles internet marketing - Google Social Search Resul

As you can see, because I’ve shared our website via Twitter and Google Buzz (yes my picture is a droid), Google’s Social Search established that content shared by me about( is relevant to the search query and showed my shares towards the top of the page.

Here is another look at how Google Social Search served up results when I searched for “Heating San Francisco”:
heating san francisco - Google Search

Because Dan is in my social network, his socially shared and relevant content showed up in my search result page (right under the Google Places listings). This goes to show that Google has its eyes set on making social a big part of its search platform.

Now is the time to take your business to the social space by creating a Twitter Account, a Facebook Fan Page and a Google Buzz Account for your business (if we haven’t created one foryou already). Start writing content and promoting it via these social channels. Your business will benefit from this!

In the next few days we will be providing our readers with a few useful tools that will help you socialize your business, help grow your social following and monitor how your content is being socially shared through your social circle. If you want to stay up to date with this topic, we recommend friending us on Facebook and/or following us on Twitter! You can also ask any questions by submitting comments below.

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