Google Places – Rejected. Why?

UPDATE July 7,2014: Although the Google places platform has changed multiple times since this post was originally written, this Local SEO issue still has the same result and solution. If your business listing on Google has been rejected for any reason, be sure to follow the steps below before pulling your hair out. The main reason your listing will be rejected always has to do with their Quality Guidelines, no matter what Google is currently calling their local platform. If you continue to have trouble, feel free to tweet @TopHatArsen or @TopHatHannah for more help!

If you’re on this page, you’ve probably noticed that your Google places listing or page has been rejected by Google places aka Google maps Google+ Local Google My Business (when are they going to settle down and choose a platform already?! –Hannah).

This means that Google does not like your listing for one or more different reasons. And since the recent algorithmic update to Google’s local search, we and most of our clients rely on localization (merging between your places listing and your organic SE position). This means that if your places listing is rejected you are most likely not showing up within the top 3 or 4 positions in Search Engine Result Pages on Google.

So Google doesn’t like your listing and you need to understand why! Here is an awesome post by Mike with I recommend reading it as it will provide you with a very clean and clear understanding of Google’s mentality behind these changes.

How does one fix this issue?

There is no established process for this yet. As everyone is scrambling to figure out what, where, who and why, the search results are coming up with many different theoretical solutions. Some have good merit and some don’t, in short here is what we recommend you do first.


    • Read the Quality Guidelines – Google has written it all out for you. Maybe it is not as clear as we would like it to be, it is still good, valuable and factual information from the source.
    • Once you finish reading the guidelines, look at you places listing, make sure you really look at it as if you are Google. Try to identify the issues, see if you are stuffing keywords, check to see if you are over using CAPS, make sure your listing is completely filled out, are you using the categories that are provided by Google or are you making them up on your own?The goal here is to approach this as “If I Was Google, What Would I Do?”, would I like this listing or would I consider this listing a waste of my space?
    • Make the appropriate changes. Make sure you do not change the phone number or the address of your listing. Click submit at the bottom.
    • Wait! I would give it about 2 days time to see how google will respond to the changes you made to your places page.
  • STILL REJECTED? You waited 2 days and still rejected? Go back to Step 1 and repeat, you obviously did something wrong, you are still spamming, you did not follow the guidelines!


There is another way!

If you have tried and tried to go through the Google Places Quality Guidelines and your listing is still rejected, we recommend that you start over. YES!, start over… create a new account with Google Places (use a different email address). As soon as you log in for the first time, you will be prompted to create a new listing, do it. This next step is very important, make sure that you put in the same phone number for this new listing as the one currently appearing on your “Rejected Listing” you must also make sure that at least one of the categories from your rejected listing appears on the new listing. (Try to use the categories that Google suggests, don’t make them up on your own).

Google Places will now let you know that there is already a google places listing for this phone number, at this point you want to go ahead and start creating your new listing! FOLLOW THE GUIDELINES this time, DO NOT SPAM!

Google Places will have to verify this new listing via postcard or phone-call (if you’re lucky), once verified – check to see that your new listing is appearing correctly. Google will now do one of these things:

  • Merge the old “rejected” listing with the new one.
  • Leave the “rejected” Google place listing as is.

If the new listing is serving its purpose and you are getting the same exposure as you had with your old Google Places listing, just go into your old one and delete it.

Please understand that our suggestions are only based on theory and have not been fully tested. Information provided in this post is in no way a recommendation from Google. Attempt the above at your own risk!

Google Places – Rejected. Why?
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    Pop over to the Places Help Forum and see my pinned post at the top of the forum ‘Rejected – Needs Action: Advice’.

    As things change the post will be updated.

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