Appliance Repair Internet Marketing currently provids service for companies that specialize in appliance repair. Internet marketing for these types of companies has become a vital part of the overall marketing strategy. Yellow pages, craigs list, merchant circle, service magic and even Google AdWords are all good sources for generating appliance repair leads. However non of these sources are permanent as they are constantly sucking the green out of your already thin wallet.

In almost every client meeting we go to – we are asked the same question: “How do I generate organic appliance repair leads?” and “Why are exclusive appliance repair leads so expensive?”. The answer is very simple – it costs money to expose your appliance repair business to people who are searching for your services within your service areas. Let’s look at an example of search results generate by Google for search-phrase Appliance Repair Los Angeles. Looks like Google served up about 609,000 results (thats not much) but for a beginner website or a website that has not been properly optimized this can be a long and painful climb to page one.

So how do you compete with the guys who are on the first page organically (not paying for clicks). You need to start off by looking at your most profitable services as well as the most profitable service areas you cover. So lets say that your big money maker is repair of SubZero Refrigerators and you offer your services to an area of 10 mile radius from your zip code; how would you go about figuring out which keywords to relate to this? Well its common sense.

Look at your demographics – who is most likely to own an expensive appliance like a SubZero Refrigerator? People who can afford to have it! And where do these people live? Let’s say Beverly Hills! Now that we figured that out, lets combine this data with the actual appliance and the service to develop long tail keywords:

  • SubZero Appliance Repair Beverly Hills
  • SubZero Refrigerator Repair Beverly Hills
  • Beverly Hills SubZero Repair
  • Beverly Hills SubZero Refrigerator Repair
  • Beverly Hills SubZero Appliance Repair

All of these keywords are most likely to be used when a fairly rich homeowner is faced with a broken SubZero appliance and turns to the web to find a repair service provider. Now the fun part begins – and most of the time (if you are not too comfortable with web development or design) you will need help from a local internet marketing consultant in Los Angeles to show you what to do. There are a few approaches you can take to properly position your websites content around the selected key-phrases.

A good example is this article – take a look at the title of this post – now take a peek at the source code and look at the header information and lastly take a look at the content of this article. You will notice that I established relevance between my title – Appliance Repair Internet Marketing – as well as the data that shows within the title tags and the meta tags in the page header (source) and the use of related keywords within the content of the article.

No tricks here – you have to understand that search engines now a days are smart enough to realize when someone is purposely trying to stuff keywords into their website. You must think of internet marketing as marketing off line – you must establish your self as an expert in your field and demonstrate your knowledge to your potential clients. Dedicate an hour a day to your website and put together interesting, knowledgeable, unique content that will be an interesting read to anyone who finds them selves in need of your services – but keep in mind that without strategic keywords your content may get indexed in wrong categories and yield no results.

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Appliance Repair Internet Marketing
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